Georgia & South Carolina: Weekend Travel Guide

Hi, everyone!

After going back to New York for a few days, I took a short trip to the south before returning to California. Of course, wherever I go you get to see too! So…. scroll down for your ultimate weekend travel guide to Savannah and Charleston!

First Stop: Savannah, Georgia!

Must See Spots:

The 22 Squares – These parks really make this city so beautiful. There are 22 of them, and they’re all walkable. They also line up through the city so you can easily visit more than one.

Jones St – Wanna see one of the most beautiful streets in America? This is the place. Gigantic oak trees creating a canopy above you, multi-million dollar row homes restored to perfection, and tabby sidewalks. Check, check and check. This street is something out of a storybook…

SCAD – Savannah College of Art and Design. So maybe this isn’t everyone’s ideas of fun, but being an art student this was a must.  You don’t necessarily have to go on a tour but you certainly should go into some of the buildings around town. They have a student store, “ShopSCAD”, that only sells work made by students and let me tell you, it is VERY impressive. They have everything from jewelry to large-scale paintings to “seed bombs”. I would also HIGHLY recommend the restaurant across the street (also managed by the school) the Gryphon.

Next Up: Charleston, South Carolina!

Must See Spots:

Charleston City Market  – The perfect place to go if you’re looking for gifts to bring back home! I’m normally not a huge fan of “tourist” locations, even though I am a tourist, but this place was still pretty neat. They have all kinds of local vendors and not super outrageous prices. P.S. a section of this is air conditioned and indoors!

Historic Charleston – One of my favorite things I did in Charleston was exploring this area. If you’re looking for your dream home I promise this is where you’re going to find it. I’ve included photos, obviously, but they don’t do it justice…  These homes are just UNBELIEVABLE! Many of them have been turned into museums and historic landmarks but if you’re lucky enough to have about 10+ million dollars just lying around you just MIGHT be able to call this home. For the rest of us who go here just to dream though; Battery Park, Rainbow Row, White Point Gardens, and The Waterfront park are some of the best places to see these massive mansions in all their glory.

Photos sourced from Instagram and Google

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