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Hello Spring!

In Southern California it’s really starting to feel like spring, and I love it! For me, with the warm weather comes spring cleaning.

Spring in a really awesome time to refresh not only your house but your body too! I bet you thought this post was gonna be about cleaning huh? Gotcha! This year I’m really focusing on cleaning up and starting fresh in a more metaphorical way rather than literal. I’ve been eating clean and working with a personal trainer for the last few weeks and I feel incredible!! If you’re anything like me you love food but once winter is over you’re left feeling kinda sluggish. So in my new spirit of spring cleaning I’ve decided to compile my favorite health tips, workout videos, and overall body health hacks!


    I can not emphasize this enough! I drink about four full 1L bottles of water a day MINIMUM. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin, energy, and mood because of this.

  2. Get 20 minutes of sunshine every day.

    It will boost your mood and your metabolism. It’s a cure for depression. It feels great. You’ll get a great tan. You’ll feel better overall. Do I really need to keep trying to convince you?

  3. Work out at least 3 times every week.

    Alright, I admit it, this is NOT easy. For me getting myself to even go to the gym was total torture but I got over it. It’s a habit now and it makes me feel so good. Having a personal trainer was probably one of the best decisions I ever made for three reasons; I get embarrassed when I skip my workout because it’s not just me I’m doing a disservice to so I rarely skip it, I don’t just do cardio anymore because it wasn’t getting me anywhere, and I work way harder than I used to at the gym. If a personal trainer and a gym membership aren’t exactly in your budget right now, don’t worry! I’ve got something for you too… all you need is a yoga mat, some weights, and a few other inexpensive fitness items. My favorite workout videos are linked below. Let me know in the comments below if I should do a workout routine/fitness post!


    32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment

    Yoga For Weight Loss – Healthy Energy Flow – Yoga With Adriene

    The Kim Kardashian Butt Workout

  4. Eat breakfast every single day

    Just do it.

  5. Throw away what you don’t need

    This is supposed to be a post about “spring cleaning” after all.

  6. Stop having so much caffeine

  7. Keep a planner

    I like to reward myself with one thing I’ve been wanting really bad a the end of every month but, ONLY if I’ve completed everything I planned to do for that month. This is a super easy way to get meet your goals and it is a tip I learned from “The Girl Boss” herself Sofia Amoruso!

  8. Write a to-do list every day

  9. Get up early

    I never used to be a morning person but hey, people change!

  10. Eat healthy

    If eating super healthy seems impossible for you, try to eat healthy for 2 of your 3 meals per day (this includes snacks). By doing this you’ll slowly start to find yourself eating healthy for every meal. Subconscious habits are great, huh?

  11. Set a goal and go for it

    Refer back to numbers 7 & 8 😉

  12. Eat protein!

    Do it for that summer bod. PS carbs aren’t the end of the world either, check this out.

  13. Take your damn vitamins

    Just like your parents told you to every day when you were a kid! I take biotin, vitamin c, a turmeric vitamins every day.

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