10 Date Ideas That DON’T Suck

Let me tell you, NOTHING sucks more than getting all excited to hang out with your other half and then realizing you having nothing to do or not enough money to do anything that sounds even remotely entertaining. Not to worry, though, there’s plenty of things for you to do when you get tired of the classic dinner date or don’t have enough money for a romantic get away!

  1. Skip the fancy dinner and make your own at home

    Everyone has a secret stash of Pinterest recipes they’ve always sworn they were going to try to make one day. Well, today is your day! Even if the dinner turns out absolutely awful, at the least you’ll have a new funny memory together. Don’t be afraid to go all out and make a five-course meal! 

  2. Go for a hike

    Totally free and perfect for keeping your get fit New Years resolutions. 

  3. Couples massage

    Okay, I know this one’s a bit more expensive but most spas offer Groupon’s or loyalty discounts that can really bring down the price and who doesn’t love a great spa day?!

  4. Art, dance, cooking, or fitness classes

    Fun, cheap, and easy. Maybe you’ll even find something you both have hidden talents for!

  5. DIY it

    Again, everyone’s seen something cute and thought I could totally make that. Now with a little help from your bae, you can make whatever it is in half the time and find something for the two of you to spend time together doing. (Here is a list of DIY’s I love!)

  6. Board Games

    A little friendly completion never hurt anybody. (If you happen to be with another couple try cards against humanity)

  7. Netflix and Chill

    Self-explanatory, I think.

  8. Get Active

    It can be the gym, the beach, or the snow. It doesn’t matter, just get out there!

  9. Plan a dream vacation

    Pick the hotel, the activities, google private jets, find helicopter tours, go all out… (and save it all for one day when your rich and famous)

  10. Do whatever you did on your first date

    Obviously, this one is a classic. It might not be cheap but it sure is special. There’s nothing more romantic than remembering where it all started.


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